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XPRIZE Next-Gen Mask Challenge

The Next Generation of mask is here.

AirFloe Mask’s patent-pending design helps you breathe 300% better. It’s engineered to keep the warm, moist air off your face, so you can stay cool, comfortable, and in command.

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We’ve solved the top 6 complaints of mask wearers everywhere

Introducing the latest in respirator technologyProtection you need. Comfort you deserve

AirFloe Mask introduces a whole new level of comfort and breathability to protective masks. Its patent-pending partitioned design isolates warm, moist air exhaled from the nose from the rest of the face.

Breathe 300% better with 360° of filtration

AirFloe Mask has a large dedicated nose chamber delivering unparalled airflow. Traditional masks have a limited surface area to filter your breath.

With AirFloe, you get a rush of fresh air when you breathe in, and faster relief from warm moist air when you breathe out.

Stay comfortable, not hot

Ever feel like you are drowning when wearing a mask? Our team of engineers studied the fluid dynamics of masks airflow. The breakthrough design isolates warm, moist exhaled air off your face. Feel the relief. Fee the comfort.

Fogging eliminated

Finally, you get maximum visibility with wearing glasses. AirFloe Mask directs air out the filter, rather than out the top. This ensures that your glasses WILL NOT fog, like they do with traditional surgical masks.

Get the filtration you need in the age of COVID-19

Traditional surgical masks often creates gaps on the sides which limit it’s effectiveness. AirFloe Mask gives you the protection you need through advancements in fit and nanofiber filtration without the pressure points that cause bruises from some N95 masks. It’s designed to adjust to various face shapes and sizes. And the single layer of material filters particles at _____, enough to give you protection against Covid-19.

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Made for Mass Production

The most effective mask are often unavailable, expensive, and hard to manufacture. We designed AirFloe Mask to be easy to mass produce to make an immediate impact now to the world’s most pressing problem.

Made with low-cost and widely available materials

Simple construction – ideal for simple stiching or fast-paced automated assembly

No 3D printed parts Functional, practical, and even stylish

Designed by a Diverse Team of Experts

AirFloe Mask is a collaboration effort by a diverse team of experts who care. Because everyday heroes like you deserve great armor to fight against the pandemic.

  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Rocket Scientist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Neuroscientist


  • PPE Expert
  • Fashion Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Art Director
  • Entrepreneur